AYACODA is a local Brisbane web-development company providing the platform & tools for associations and community owners to easily manage their members and build their own local circular economy.

AYACODA is an Australian web & GIS (Geographic Information System) technology company and provides services:
– Web Development
– SAP Integration
– ESRI Integration
– GIS Services


Here are some Plugins:

1. Real Estate – Residential, Commercial & Industrial –  Buy, Rent or Share
2. Classifieds – To Sell or Looking to Buy
3. Dating/Meetup/Social – User managed profiles & permissions
4. Business Directory – Based on business plan -1 page to mini – website
5. Car/ Boat/Bike Sales – Ability to Sell, Buy, Rent or Share your transport.
6. Get A Quote – select businesses within directory to quote on services.

Request a PLUGINS DEMO test drive first …
then visit …    https://demo.plugins.com.au

The brisbane.mylocal.directory is available only to 33 postcodes within Brisbane.

This CIRCULAR ECONOMY is  designed for individuals and businesses to trade, shop, display, sell and buy products and services in turn supporting local businesses, customers and individuals within Brisbane.

A FREE listing is available as well as subscription plans to help build the business profile within the Brisbane Local Directory.

Join Your Brisbane Local Community :



A Local Team to help your Business:

  • A creative team to assist you enhance your digital online presence.
  • Affordable monthly plans to showcase your services & products within your local postcode.
  • Mini website with your business info, social media links, pages, blog, shop, advertisement banners.
  • Providing  a “Digital Concierge” service to audit your website & online marketing presence.
  • Checking your Local SEO for your business keywords & search.

Easy to use CMS (content management system) – to manage your profile, products or use our 24/7 Virtual Manager.

– Allows a Real Estate Agent / Agency to add their listings to Sell, Rent or Share within their local community/ geographical area.

– Users in the local community can also have the ability to add one (1) property to Buy, Rent or Share at no cost.

– Businesses who provide local services in their local community can add their profiles to the directory in their respective industry category & sub – category.

Engagement Interactive  offer local communities, interest groups/club owners, associations a platform to engage with their audience/members real time using social media, sms & email.

Smart OPT-IN only competitions, spin & win, surveys, deals and offers.